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Check out our Non Tucking Liability (Bobtail), Physical Damage and Occupational Accident Programs.

Our expertise in handling Non Trucking Products extends beyond the simple provision of a policy, but actually works to save you money.

Our fully integrated Bobtail and Physical Damage program, together with our free 0n-line database management can save you hours of work every week..

Our TRAXX certificate tracking system is designed for the protection of the asset owner, and covers any leased assets

InsurancePlus is competitive and designed to remove the frustrating administrative chores of fleet management.

The highly specialist nature of fleet insurance is a natural for outsourcing, particularly if the program allows the Lessor a degree of flexibility and profit participation.

We have created a sophisticated, yet flexible interface to manage large fleets, providing the lessor with many tools that are not available from other agencies or carriers.

We are one of the very few companies that have considered your needs, even to the extent of providing real-time data access for your insurance, allowing you to keep up-to-date information on your fleet

We have a whole cadre of trucking insurance and Non Trucking products, all of which have the benefit of our unique data management system.

Casey Fleet Solutions has been providing Fleet Insurance Coverage to leasing Companies for almost ten years

Since our commencement in 1995, we have consistently upgraded our products, with you in mind..

Traditional Truckers Liability and Cargo coverages are at the core of our expertise.

commercial fleet insurance

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