Data Management

Casey Fleet Solutions can justifiably claim a "First" in the industry for creating inter-active information technology via the internet, saving their clients thousands of dollars in real costs and time.

In 1995 we came to realize that the constant faxing of documents to update or cancel insurance was a wasteful exercise, and proceeded to join force with to produce comfortable customer interfaces.

Using our systems, a traffic or transport manager can now maintain his own fleet date on-line, view and retain billing data, request Insurance Certificates, and communicate with their insurers. We have proven cases of the efficiency of our systems, which can save you, or your staff, hundreds of hours every year.

Our technology has proven so successful that we now provide this service to Trucking Companies and Fleet Managers who don't even insure with us.

Test Drives

You can experience the efficiency of working on-line by accessing a couple of our demonstration databases. These databases are scaled down versions of the real thing, and after registration, the system will produce a demonstration fleet where you can add and delete coverage from vehicles. In real mode, these changes are available to your agent or insurer immediately.:

Not Insured Through Casey Fleet Solutions?

Not a problem! The technology can be made available to you, your agent and your insurer. There is no software to purchase, but there is a set-up and access fee, which equate to considerably less than the savings you will make in time. For more information, call Oncke Kipperman of at 410-942-9879, or visit