Trucking Products

Operating a trucking firm might be the most difficult business pursuit in the U.S. economy today. We are here to help! Our Non-Trucking Liability, Physical Damage and Occupational Accident capabilities are unique. We have revolutionized the administration of such programs. Traditional Truckers Liability and Cargo coverages are at the core of our expertise.

Truckers Liability and Cargo

We have over 20 years of experience insuring trucking firms with one to one thousand units - fully insured to self-insured, we have done it all. Our large variety of markets allows us to handle a trucker of every niche and locale.

When determining liability limits, cargo limits and deductibles, it makes sense to consult an expert. Over 20 years of experience in this specialized market gives us the edge required to benefit you.

You may also wish to consider some of the factors that fall outside of your cargo insurance, for which you may have a liability: Loading and unloading with a forklift, Erroneous delivery, selling or loaning parts and components to another operator, or repairing another operator's vehicle.

Call us at 1 800 426-6220, Ext 7032 or for more information on Truckers Liability and Cargo.

Non Trucking Products

Our expertise in handling Non Trucking Products extends beyond the simple provision of a policy, but actually works to save you money. Check out our Non Tucking Liability (Bobtail), Physical Damage and Occupational Accident Programs here.