Non Trucking Products

Auto Liability (Bobtail), Physical Damage and Occupational Accident

Several years ago we analyzed our several Bobtail programs, and determined that they we unprofitable, both for the trucking companies involved, and for us. The time consumed by both parties faxing data backwards and forwards, and then the agony of a monthly reconciliation was too time consuming.

Fortunately, technology, and access to highly skilled programmers, gave us the ability to tackle this problem, save the trucking companies hours of labor every month, and completely remove the reconciliation problem. Now, when a trucking company adds or modifies a record, the agent and the carrier have immediate access to that change, without the need for faxes or phone calls. This is an industry first, and completely unique to Casey Fleet Solutions.

Our live internet website management tool will turn the administrative headache of operating your O/O coverages into a minor monthly event. Clients with 250 units in their program spend less than 45 minutes, that’s minutes, per month in the administration and reporting of their program. We give the trucking firm at least a half an employee back.

Here is the best part - This service is provided at no extra cost if the insurance coverage is acquired through us. We utilize all the most competitive markets to bring these coverages to your owner-operators at low rates. However, should you not wish to buy the insurance from us or you self insure these coverages; we can provide the administrative system to you at very reasonable fees per month.


There is no software to install, no need for training sessions, and a new customer only requires minutes for us to set up. From then on, the trucking company has the full benefit of our system, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Take a test drive of the system here.