Monthly Reporting

Our insurance products operate on monthly cycles, and all monthly reports are produced by our system. Those reports are available to the trucking or leasing company, the agency and the carrier. The reports are designed in a format that is easy to copy and paste into an Excel spreadsheet, and can also, upon request, be produced to append into a database.

Automobile Fleet Insurance

At the end of each month, test checks are run to ensure the integrity of the data, and then the monthly reports scheduling the insured vehicles are produced to the agency and the carrier. Simultaneously, the monthly insurance billing is produced. There is no need for any user intervention to activate this process.

Non Trucking Products

As soon as all monthly data has been input, an operator at the trucking company pushes a button, and reports are issued to all parties, and the monthly insurance bill is produced. This event normally takes place on the first day of the succeeding month, so there is no delay in reporting, and new entries can be commenced immediately.

There is an ability, not shown on our demonstration database, to create the bill to the Owner/Operator. This element of the system is custom-built for the trucking company, and provides a complete Owner/Operator management system.