Our History

Since our commencement in 1995, we have endeavored to use fleet insurance products and the newest technology to help our clients enjoy greater productivity. With over 50 years of combined insurance experience, we are well aware of the time and energy involved in managing fleets, whether they are cars or trucks.

In 1995 we introduced our first product which was an insurance program created for the leasing industry. Our program allows the leasing company to include the ability to purchase the fleet insurance along with the other fleet management services they offer. We have and continue to work with some of the largest, most well known names in the leasing industry. This continues to be a very popular concept and we have now been able to make this product available to fleets directly.

Our next breakthrough product is our active web based data management site. We also expanded our capabilities in this area to encompass the needs of trucking companies, insurers and underwriting companies involved in managing Non-Trucking Liability, Physical Damage and Occupational Accident insurance coverage for trucking fleets. This product is available whether you purchase the insurance through us or not.

These are just a few of the unique fleet solutions we have created. We invite you to further explore our website, or better yet contact us, and we will be happy to discuss any aspect of our capabilities with you. If you have something in mind that would make your fleet management easier, let us know, we may very well be able to customize a program for you.